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social activation

Dunkt is specialized in designing and developing

social activation campaigns

we currently work together with:

tui nederland . arke . kras . arkefly.

clubrobinson . maxi-cosi . quinny .

bebe-coNfort and others

campaign manager

custom build facebook applications can be translated and scheduled and relaunched.

within the system all user-statistics can be exported for crm purposes. the software is not off-the-shelf 

but tailor-made for each client.

a perfect tool for managing

your facebook campaigns


with a little help of social games arke managed to grow

their facebook fanbase

from 20.000 in 2012 to more

than 400.000 fans in 2014.

making arke a top 10 facebook brand

in the netherlands

with a growing crowd of mobile facebook users all campaigns are developed from a responsive and adaptive design perspective. 

creating personalized

user generated content

combined with sales 

                                        all facebook apps are delivered 

                                    on devices such as iphone, android, 

                                          tablet and integrated as pagetab.

help to build a quality

fanbase with fun and informative facebook apps.

'vakantie prikbord'

bringing single travellers together on a private wall.

travel europe in a

deux chavaux

get to know destinations with

casual games


dutch airline which is

part of tui nederland.

together with arkefly we produced social games which helped realizing a fangrowth of more than 70.000 new fans in 2013.

let's roll

we like working together

with clients and initiate a mutual search for the best possible way to make any budget more profitable.

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dunkt produces standalone cinematic media but

is also able to integrate video within interactive experiences such as interactive games

or installations. 

telling a story on film is

a perfect medium to get

a message across on a wide variety of media.


storytelling . scriptwriting

camerawork . post prodution 

editing . color correction 

3d animation & visualisation

for more information on our services just mail:

web & apps

web- & interaction design are the building blocks of most web content. we focus on rich media website's, games and (social) applications. 

dunkt provides custom build solutions, our clients expect tailor made applications instead of 'on the shelve products'. so if you are in need of a specific solution we would like to hear you out. 

(social) games

 tailormade cms systems   

business tools


ideas are key, but in the end execution will depent on a

good understanding and

use of  todays technology.

in our world creativity and technology

are not different entities but act as one.


interaction design

‚ÄčHTML5 / javascript / ccs3

mobile web development

iOS & Android development

flash actionscript 3

back-end development 

leap motion

dunkt is a also leap motion developer, for a presentation just contact

or visit


dunkt is located in the

south of the netherlands, 

or to be more precise, in the

friendly city of breda.

dunkt is always available for a nice drink in

one of the many bars breda has to offer.

for more information on our services just mail: